Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Young Designers Collective Supports Breast Cancer Research

Sponsor Post: Here is a company that supports and gives to Breast Cancer Research, The Young Designers Collective. I've decided to not receive their product review I was willing to do this write up for free. Powered by BrandBacker

Why? This is more personal for me Breast Cancer has taken a tolled on two of my Aunts both are very strong women and seeing one of them go through the sickness and the chemo-therapy I would support any company who shares the same view as mine. Both are well still going through the 5 year plan with doctor visits to make sure that sucker (Cancer) doesn't return.

Shilpa Iyengar

Meet Shilpa Iyengar the CEO and founding designer. She designs clothing, shoes, hats, and textiles her goal is to put elegant, interesting, and unique works of wearable art that bring an appreciation to the art behind the design.

Hope Hat
The Young Designers Collective designed "Hope" inspired by the symbol of the pink ribbon and the fight against breast cancer. The sun hat is made of angora wool that was sourced locally to promote the New York Garment district and is offered in navy and turquoise. "Hope" offers protection from UV rays even on cooler sunny days and with each purchase $25 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Ribbon Hat

I personally love the pink ribbon inspired by the fight against breast cancer, The "Ribbon" hat is made from recycled angora wool from hat production in The Young Designers Collective studio is available in both pink and turquoise and with each purchase $5 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Which is your favorite item? 

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