Thursday, June 27, 2013

Yam Yamz and Friends: I'm a Winner!

This is not a sponsor post I won the items & I'm sharing it with the world.

In the mail yesterday...

What did I win? A mug, journal, & a compact mirror.

A few weeks ago Jennifer Moran notified me of my winnings she asked which of Yam Yamz & Friends' art I'd like to have on the journal, mug, and compact mirror? 

Squeaky Clean Daisy for some reason reminds me of me fresh out the shower and getting ready for the day. So, I chose the Squeaky Clean Daisy art I can picture myself writing in the journal, having a cup of coffee or a few, and checking out my eyebrows to see if they need plucking or adding lip gloss using the compact mirror. I love it! 

Guess what,  I have a pre-teen eyeing the journal I might have to hide it from her or start writing in it so she won't bother with it. It is mine and she can't have my Squeaky Clean Daisy journal. 

Here is a little info of Jennifer Moran, she is the artist of Yam Yamz & Friends she uploads youtube videos of reviews, giveaways, DIY's and she creates cute drawings at Yam Yamz & Friends. You guys should check out her creations you'll love it she has another giveaway it ends on 7/5/2013. If you like to enter here is her link and subscribe to her channel. Yam Yamz & Friends: Journal, Mug, & Compact Mirror Giveaway.

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