Monday, February 27, 2012

Recycled Sweater Head Wrap and Cowl Scarf

I knit & crochet but to recycle a sweater to a head wrap and a cowl scarf is much more easier & . quicker. Check out how Trudy did it!

Recycled Sweater Head Wrap and Cowl Scarf:
I made Emily a couple of head wraps from some old sweaters and matching cowl scarves. I also made a head wrap for her cousin's 12th birthday. Don't they look so cute together? The head wrap can be worn plain or embellished. They are so quick and easy to sew. You basically cut out long rectangles, apply fabric glue to the long sides and sew the short ends together and you're done. I got the idea from Disney of Ruffles and Stuff. She's made some great tutorials, click here for the head wrap tutorial and here for the cowl scarf. Thanks so much, Disney, Emily loves hers. They keep her warm and stylish.

They were made from these two sweaters.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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