Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hanna Andersson Footless Tights Knockoff

Check-Out Hanna Andersson Footless Tights Knockoff:

Another online purchase I'd love to make, but at $16-a-pair-plus-shipping-plus-import-duties, I'd be paying about 90 bucks a leg. So I satisfied myself with a knockoff.

Good old Gymboree tights. Local and affordable (er, on sale).

Similar to making legwarmers, I cut out the ankle and toe section and discarded them.

I also amputated a pair of socks with pretty tops.

...folded the edges of the tights under and inserted the fancy sock top upside down.

Too frugal to toss the left overs, I remade the socks with the leftoever mid-section from the foot of the tights (just like the legwarmers here).

This was my test pair on my least favorite tights. Now that I know the technique works, I'm on the search for some spring-y colored tights to make over. Has anyone got a good source for spring colors?

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