Thursday, October 3, 2013

#GirlsUnstoppable by Dove

Spreading the word for #GirlsUnstoppable this is not a sponsor post. Sewing Drama may contain affiliate links all opinions in this blog are 100% my own. 

This month in October Dove hosts the 4th Annual Self Esteem Annual Weekend

I know my preteen is going through something now and I see it. She's always moody and don't want to talk about nothing. I know she's going through the phase, but thank goodness she continues to do what she loves to do drawing her anime pictures. When an issue arises she does come to me for guidance and we put both our heads together to fix or adjust the situation. We are #GirlsUnstoppable!!!

Here is a pic of Kingdom Hearts her version on a sketch paper she drew for her brother...

Danny's Anime Art
Most girls stop doing what they love doing because of their looks or peer pressure. Let us be part of the #GirlsUnstoppable movement Dove wants to make all girls unstoppable in support of positive self esteem. We, as women need to teach our girls to be more powerful than ever boost their confidence,  show them not to give in to other individual ways, to continue to do what they love to do, show them to be #GirlsUnstoppable in every which way you can.

Disclosure:  All opinions are 100% my own.
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