Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What type of Seamstress are you?

30days has a list of links for beginners, intermediate, and advanced seamstress which will be helpful learning new skills or updating your sewing skills for whatever category you fall under.

I was given a sewing machine about a couple of years ago until last year 2009 I've decided to do a refashion, which I did. I will talk about the refashion in another post, but after the refashion I just stopped using the sewing machine.

Why? It's probably because of the lack of skills, the cost of materials, or being creative. Although, I will be using most of the materials from my closet. I'm guessing it's just putting what I have now together.

I do know my way around the sewing machine. Thanks, to my home economics teacher way back in high school I've picked up a few skills. I really need to brush up on them, so check out the link above.

SewBasic: 34 Essential Skills for Sewing with Confidence

Singer Sewing Skills Reference Book

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